Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scary Elmo

Some friends of ours, who apparently don't like us as much as we had thought they did :), got David this Tickle Me Elmo toy for Christmas. David hasn't quite made up his mind about it yet....

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was really fun this year. David understands more about what's going on. Instead of saying "Merry Christmas" though, he's been running around saying "Happy Birthday!" because we've been talking a lot about how today is Jesus' birthday. It's so cute! I tried to vary the types of toys he got, instruments, trucks, flying screeching monkeys, but of course his favorites were the two trains. Oh well! He's been giving the other toys a chance as the morning progressed, mostly as hills and mountains to drive his trains over...what can I say, the boy loves his trains!
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Christmas Eve Dinner

We had some friends over for Christmas Eve dinner--well it was decorated for Christmas, really I cooked Thanksgiving.  I don't have a huge repertoire of holiday dishes!  Since we were having company I put together a centerpiece and cute place settings.  I think it really helped make the evening feel more special although David didn't appreciate having a whole fish bowl of "balls" that he wasn't allowed to touch.... 

Our Handsome Boys

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brothers are for Sitting On

This is one of David's new favorite pastimes. He thinks it's hilarious to climb under Henry and let him bounce on him, Henry also enjoys the brotherly attention.
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Our Box Fort Creation

Okay, so maybe it's more like my box fort creation. David was not much help during the construction phase but he had a lot of fun peeking out of the windows once everything was put together. He thought it was especially funny when I held up Henry outside of the windows and he could pop up and scare him!
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Smiles & Hats

That's right, he wears hats now.
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