Monday, April 5, 2010

Backyard Updates

Here are some pictures of the new additions to our backyard.  We went a little crazy once the snow melted and we were able to go outside again.  We bought a grill and a picnic table for our patio--which have already been used for two parties!  I also found this great playground on Craigslist and Chris built this sandbox in less than two hours and for about $60 including the sand!  David loves being outside now, my biggest problem is trying to lure him back into the house when I've had enough outdoor time! 

Lunch Can Be So Tiring

David could barely keep his eyes open during lunch today--can you believe that what followed this cute lunch was a two hour battle of wills over whether or not he would be taking an afternoon nap? I can make him stay in his bed, but alas I cannot make him sleep....

Easter Fun

We had a big group of Chris' classmates over for an Easter party yesterday complete with an egg hunt for the little ones! Of course David lost interest in hunting for eggs after about three minutes and decided he would rather play in his new sandbox that Chris built on Saturday. He loves the sand--especially laying face down in it and rolling around until he's completely covered in it. I think this is just the beginning of years and years of reminding my men about the difference between play clothes and nice clothes!
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