Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Steps

Okay so these aren't exactly his first steps, just the first steps caught on camera, but you get the idea....

The New Do

A much more refined look....

David's First Haircut

We finally bit the bullet and took David in for a haircut--the Shirly Temple ringlets just had to go. But don't freak out! The curls are still here--just in a more manageable, less ratty, but masculine form!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mixing Up Some Phat Beats

Playing around. -CMR

Go Irish.

David is hopeful for a good Notre Dame Football and Basketball Season. - CMR

Happy Baby

Cristina and David in the airport. I really liked this one. I think David looks cute. - CMR

Cleaning Up?

David thought he would help us out by cleaning up his dishes. Now that he can get into all the cabinets, we really have to keep an eye on him constantly.

The Layover

We just took a trip to MI to visit some family. It was David's first time on an airplane and he was fantastic. Of course Chris might not have the same opinion since he couldn't move or sleep as he was the one David fell asleep on. David also met a strange woman at the airport--apparently a hilarious strange woman...

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