Monday, July 3, 2017

On Adventures in Homeschool Planning and Creeks

I've been mostly buried in a pile of homeschooling plans and books and papers for the past two weeks as I attempt to get everything squared away for next year.  I'm shooting for an August 1 start which will give us plenty of time to take a week off in between terms this year and still finish by the first week of May.  I always finish by the last week of May in general because I just can't do lessons after Memorial Day, but I think having all of May off sounds so much better don't you?

My main problem now is the fact that the stores, who can be relied upon to routinely jump the gun on putting out all holiday goods months in advance of the actual holidays, have yet to put out their school supply displays.  And my mind won't rest easy until I have procured all of the children's school supplies and created the fantastic new binders that I have envisioned for each of them.  I'm thinking Trapper Keepers.  That's still a thing right?

Don't worry, I have managed to crawl out from under my piles to have some good old fashioned summer fun and get some nature adventuring in with the kids while we can.  This particular park was beautiful and so, so shady.  It must have been ten degrees cooler inside than out and there was a creek.,,,,and who doesn't love a creek?  I'm not sure what was past the creek exactly since once the children laid eyes on it they were done with hiking and just wanted to frolic there for the rest of the morning.  Maybe one day we'll be able to get past it but somehow I doubt it.  It was a pretty magnificent creek.
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