Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick-or-Treating Round 1

Here in Carlisle trick-or-treating never happens on the weekend, no matter what day Halloween actually is. This year the powers that be decided Thursday would be the least threatening day to hold this beloved event. David and Henry were both dinosaurs--okay Henry is technically some sort of swamp monster but the colors were right so just go with it. Up until tonight David absolutely refused to wear the headpiece so I was worried that he was just going to be a weird green blob with a tail but once we got going he completely forgot he had it on. All in all it was a sucess. Mostly David just rode on Chris' shoulders dribbling blue lollipop juice all over his daddy's head and Henry was just along for the ride. We'll see if Sunday trick-or treating in NC goes as well.....
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Run Away Pumpkins


Last week I attempted a trip to the pumpkin patch with just me and the boys. I don't want to say it was a disaster but if it weren't for a very nice man and his six kids I don't think I would have been able to wheel the pumpkins inside to pay for them while pushing Henry's stroller, all the while making sure David didn't run into the parking lot. This video is right after David picked out all three of our pumpkins for us. Apparently the correct way to choose a pumpkin is to pick it up and throw it as far as you can--and all this time I thought all you had to do was make sure it was round and had a decent stem. I'm not sure where he thinks he's taking the pumpkins. I think he just wanted to pull them wherever he wanted them to be.

Henry is Eating Solids

Henry has officially graduated to eating solid foods. He loves carrots, tolerates apples but prefers his own fingers to all else. Chris was dissapointed to find out that when I told him I was going to start making baby food again I meant plain fruits and veggies--he was looking forward to the delicious pureed meals I made David when he was closer to 9 months. I guess he'll just have to wait until Henry has moved on to a more advanced palate to get his fill of pureed meat and potatoes....
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