Thursday, November 8, 2012

{p,h,f,r} Master Bedroom Sprucing

One of my all-time-favorite-blogs-ever gave out a challenge to beautify your master bedroom this week so I thought I might jump in and participate instead of just lurking around as I'm apt to do....besides, I'm in full-on nesting mode and I know you wanted to see pictures of the new house that aren't just the boys' room and our patio anyway :)


Are you loving our ceiling fan?  They are the same all through the house--at least we have a consistent look :)  And they have dimmer switches so that's exciting........

Since Chris insists that we will never, never, never, under  any circumstances downgrade from a king to a queen sized bed I'm left to try to stuff this overlarge monster into tiny base housing bedrooms.  I was pretty impressed with myself for figuring out how to squish the bed plus two nightstands in while still being able to open the bi-fold closet doors--it involved finding just the right placement angle for the roundish table so that the door could open into the perfect section of curve in the top of said table......

I think the $15 old glass door that I picked up a few years back and had Chris stain is still one of my favorite things in the house.  It makes a lovely headboard--goodness knows I don't need an actual king-sized bed to drag around from state to state right now--although I would love a good old fashioned four day.........


Chris has a tendency to pile things on every flat surface he finds--my ingenious solution--a least this way his stuff is all semi-contained.  He doesn't posses my same knack for artistic book stacking...or maybe for some reason he just doesn't find it as satisfying as I do?  In any case, having his things neatly contained makes me happy :)  


If you do an about face you can see the rest of our room in it's entirety.  Does the size of our tiny room strike you as funny?  The boys' room is bigger but we weren't going to give up the en suite bathroom for a little extra space.......There's room for our armoire and a chair and that's it....well, I think there may also be room for this totally extravagant bassinet.  Judge me if you will for being totally ridiculous and wanting something that expensive that will only be good for six months tops, but after all that's happened this year I just want everything to be perfect for our little guy and, let's face it, we definitely don't have room for the pack n' play that lived in our old bedroom pretty much since Henry was born.  This bassinet is good up to thirty pounds and it has wheels so I can move it around the house to give the baby a safe place to be (i.e. away from his brothers) and I can easily wheel it next to the bed at night and then back out so that we can access the closets, and it has a storage shelf so I can put extra diapers and necessities there (since there isn't anywhere else for them to go) the pack n' play is ugly and I'm pretty sure not meant for daily use for multiple years.....and hopefully we'll be having several more little ones to put in it, so really I'm making an investment for our future, not being silly and making horrible hormone induced decisions right?  Right?  


Welcome to our master's so...cozy...that you can't get a picture of it from the inside.   Are you loving this lovely light fixture as well--I've never seen one mounted to wood before but I suppose every new rental home will also bring new surprises in home decor.  I can't seem to decide what to do with our little rug--it doesn't really fit in front of the shower, or the sink--so I've settled on leaving it laying diagonally on the floor and just scooching it over to where I need it when I'm in there--I know, your're all astounded by my home decorating tips and tricks :)

Chris and I both have a shelf in the cabinet over the toilet to hold our essentials and then the sink cabinet holds a trash can and one basket with my (let's face it, seldom used) hair styling equipment.  This is pretty much how it always looks--you know, not super fancy but oh-so-practical......

And here's a closer look at what I'm sure you are all more interested in than my bathroom--it's pretty, happy, funny and real all rolled in to one :)

And you should definitely pop on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more lovely and useful bedroom fixes.


  1. I love your bedroom! Cute and cozy! But not as cute and cozy as that interior baby is, I imagine :)

  2. our room is about the size of is a challenge! I love the idea of using the glass door as a headboard

  3. That glass door makes a gorgeous headboard! And I love the bassinet too, but I kind of love all things Pottery Barn so I might be biased. Oh, how I wish we had gotten a king size bed when we had the chance. My littlest kicks one of us out whenever she wants to come in. (Usually it's Daddy!)

  4. Your room is so pretty! I love the soft colouring.

    I'm a little jealous of folks with master baths. We only have one bathroom in our house for 3 toddlers, a college student and my husband and I. It gets grungy fast.

    Adorable baby bump!

  5. Your headboard is beautiful! I know how you feel about the king bed! I would never downsize, but it does take up a lot of space.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  6. I love your headboard!! Nice find and beautifully refinished and used as your headboard!!

  7. Hi! I saw your link at {p, h, f, r}. Wow, your bedroom looks like one I'd see in a magazine. So pretty! And congrats on your little blessing. :-)

  8. Be grateful for a bathroom right there, no matter how small :) I have quite a hike to our bathroom, let me tell you!!

    Your room is really lovely. I love the door headboard, your tables, and your bedding!

    And your tummy is adorable :)

  9. Cristina, I just stumbled upon this! I'm so glad to hear that you are well and expecting!!!!! Your bedroom is lovely, but I remember your old house had a really charming style too. Best wishes to Chris and the boys!
    Maria Key

  10. You know I don't judge you for the bassinet. Beautiful piece and your bedroom looks lovely as always.

  11. I love the simplicity of your decorating style. The soft muted colors and old mixed with new. It makes me want to redo my rooms. :-)

  12. We have that bassinet...did you ever get it? I'm in LOVE! Scott wasn't a fan so much, but Jack's really enjoyed it. I keep it in the basement in this house, so that we have a Bedding option on each level... And when we're done having babies, it's fabulous for stacking blankets/quilts, toys, or even plants!

    1. We did get it...I ended up having to call up and down the east coast to find one in a store that someone would be willing to ship to me before the baby came because they were on backorder everywhere. I eventually got one from a very sweet PB manager in Richmond who understood my pregnant and crazy situation :) I figured once we were done with it, or if my babies hated it I could always resell it--that's how I got Chris on board for the total splurge :)

      It's turned out to be my second favorite baby thing (after my shmancy stroller!)


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