Monday, November 5, 2012

Forward Face

Before Chris started back to work he was hard at work at home doing several big projects I dreamed up while he was away.  First on the list was a set of forward facing bookshelves for the boys room--I wanted something a little sturdier than the rain gutter shelves we had before and I had already given the gutters over to the boys anyway to play with outside :)

We used a tutorial I found here.   They were simple to make but it took a lot longer than we thought since we made so many (these plus four more for the library!).  It was worth it though--says the one who was overseeing the whole process and not actually building anything.......

The boys love them at any rate.  David has taken to "reading" books to Henry which is beyond precious :)

I've come around to the idea of having most of their toys in their room.  I didn't really like it at first, but they've got the biggest room in the house so it didn't make sense not to put their stuff in there.  I imagined giant nightmare messes of dumped out toys to deal with every evening, but they've been keeping it relatively clean and usually just grab one of their baskets and bring it into the living room when they want to play with it.  They're also getting more picky than me about getting the toys back into the correct bin at the end of the day......Our categories right now are as follows......

I also made a little spot for their dress up clothes, repurposing the old coat rack we made last year (as sadly, they really don't need a coat rack in Florida).  It's a perfect costume holder though and the overflow fits nicely into the old suitcase underneath......

I'm not sure what you call this particular costume medley.....superhero knight of the fire station realm?

PS Chris has requested that I take a bit of a poll to find out which you like better, these shelves or the rain gutters?  Feel free to agree with me that these lovely wooden ones were worth the effort :)


  1. The shelves look great. Definitely worth the effort.

  2. Totally the new shelves. So sturdy!! Miss you all.


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