Friday, June 9, 2017

On a Bit of a Vacation


Whenever I say that we took a vacation I generally mean that we took a trip to visit some subset of our family that it's been much too long since we've seen--and this vacation was no different.

This time we loaded up the van and drove the ten hours to get to our family in Michigan and it was glorious.  Giant dunes were hiked, fires were enjoyed, wine was drunk, children frolicked, family was visited, and visited, and visited, touristy souvenirs were purchased, birthdays were celebrated, and everything was just lovely in general.

I left with a jar of cherry salsa, chocolate covered cherries and a Petoskey stone that was not found, but purchased from a store specializing in selling overpriced souvenir stones to tourists.  I don't care, when you're a tourist with no knack for finding your own Petoskey stone you do what thousands have done before you and pay someone else to do your legwork.

It must be the mark of a good vacation that I hardly have any pictures at all and it's probably a testament to the beauty of Michigan that over half of the pictures that I do have are just shots of the gorgeous scenery.

Michigan really is beautiful.

In the summer.

Living as close to DC as we do, I have a fairly constant longing for peace, quiet, and wide open spaces and last week we were able to soak up all three in spades.  Of course now comes the momentous task of digging out from the vacation mess and readjusting to regular life.  I very cleverly planned our last week of homeschooling to be this week, because who doesn't want to come home from vacation and have a week of standardized testing and exams?

Wish us luck--only one more week until summer break  :)  
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