Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Cardboard Constructing

The great (and also sad) thing about living on base is that everyone is always moving.

When our next door neighbors moved last month, their packers left behind two unused stacks of 'glass pack' which pretty much amounts to a huge pile of giant single pieces of pristine cardboard and endless possibilities :)  As soon as I saw them drag it to their recycling pile I dragged it back to my garage because I'm classy like that.

When our new neighbors arrived they brought out several big boxes of toys that they were getting rid of and thought our boys might enjoy.  I didn't let the boys see into those boxes though and we walked away with only a set of Cars cars because in addition to being classy I'm also very, very mean.  When presented with the box of cars David announced in ecstasy that he had been waiting for these for his entire life, every past birthday, Christmas and Easter.  Wow.  All these years and I had no idea.  To his credit they are the really nice die cast ones and apparently our neighbor had pretty much all of them including the Mack Truck and I'm also pretty sure we would never have purchased them for him ourselves.

Well, what to do when you have a brand new box of cars and a garage full of cardboard?

Chris was not nearly as impressed as I had expected him to be when he got home from work and found us putting the finishing touches on this.  He said it was because he just expects me to make things like this now.  I think it may have had more to do with the fact that I was so focused on building that I forgot to make dinner.......

The elevator is....well.....nonfunctional.....but if you hold it by the bottom as you pull it up your car probably won't go careening down the elevator shaft.......

The boys love it.  Even my tiniest one.


John Michael while I was taking pictures of the garage:

John Michael when I came back from the kitchen:

And so it begins.......


  1. Creative and classy! What a great mom. Your teaching the boys some great ways to use their imaginations.


  2. That is super cute! Really creative and fun!! Great job. I'm sure the boys love it!

  3. So cute! I need lessons in cardboard construction!! :)

    1. It's so easy--you just need a box cutter, a glue gun and some imagination--or a little time on Pinterest to take advantage of someone else's imagination :)

  4. You are awesomely creative! No wonder you have such happy boys. And I learned something new about you - that you live on base. Which base? It amazes me how many of the bloggers I admire are in the armed services - a way higher proportion than in the total population.

    1. Right now we live on NAS Jacksonville down in Florida but we move every two years or so, so who knows where we will be next year! Maybe a disproportionate number of bloggers are military because we have so many periods of having no real life friends or family nearby and so we share our lives with far away loved ones and make internet friends as a bonus :)

    2. Not that different from my situation living in another country - and I suppose that many military bloggers also live in other countries, at least at some point!

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