Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On Being a Spectacle

Sometimes my children make a spectacle of themselves for all the wrong reasons.  This day, however, we were a spectacle of cuteness only and I think we brought a little amusement to the lives of all the passing motorists.  

Don't mind me, I'm just taking a walk to the pier with Peter Pan and a half dressed dinosaur.......

I told David that he would be too hot in his outfit of choice but I was quickly informed that he had to wear the pants or no one would believe he was the real Peter Pan.

I couldn't resist an "I told you so" when we reached the pier and he was unsuccessfully trying to will his pants into becoming the shorts he left behind.

I generally don't pick battles on clothing choices unless we're going to mass.  I mean, they have such a limited number of years before 'pantsless dinosaur' goes from being a spectacle of cuteness to a spectacle of inappropriateness that may or may not involve police intervention.....

Enjoy it while you can my little dinosaur :)


  1. I love that explanation - of course you have to wear the pants to prove that you're the REAL Peter Pan, even if it's inconvenient. Who wants to be a mere Peter Pan look-alike when you can be the real thing?

  2. Oh my goodness! You have a gift of capturing sweet boyhood moments! Where do you buy their awesome clothing? I need to make a costume box for my sons.

    1. Oh, their clothes are just a mismatch of second-hand and the occasional Target/Old Navy/Gap splurge and we get a lot of clothes as gifts from grandparents and aunts too! I think the only thing I've actually had to buy this year are some shorts for David and a few summer onesies for John Michael (of course he's off season from the other boys!). I try to keep everything we buy for them on the plain side and we just keep passing it down :)

      For costumes though, I love the Disney Store and Pottery Barn Kids versions (which my sister keeps us supplied with!) because they are really nice quality, but the majority of our costumes came from after-Halloween clearance sales--one year I just went out and grabbed a bunch of staples--cowboy, prisoner, pirate, soldier, you get the idea--in a little larger sizes than the boys were wearing so they could grow in to them. You can get a ton for cheap!


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