Monday, July 8, 2013

A Tiny Table

Chris woke up yesterday and decided that he wanted to build the boys a little picnic table.

So he did......

He used these plans from Ana White for the basic idea but we used the last of our river wood to build the top and benches so Chris altered the dimensions a smidge to fit what we had.  The riverside is too overgrown now to find more wood on our scavenger hunts so we'll have to wait until fall for any more found-wood projects.

I think the table turned out pretty cute and it wasn't too difficult either (says the woman who only watched this process unfold).  We can't quite decide what to do now though--leave it as is and let the base weather to match the top or maybe paint the base white?  Chris says he kind of likes it the way it is.  David is upset that we used "old" wood on it when clearly we should have used "new" wood since "new" is obviously better than "old."  Henry is fairly indifferent and John Michael thinks it's wonderful--okay, I'm just assuming here, but he's such a delightful baby I'm fairly certain he would agree with me on this one.


  1. I think the old wood gives the table a lot of character. One of our (grown) sons makes picnic tables as gifts for friends using new wood and they don't look anywhere near as charming as yours!

  2. I love the table! It's adorable. And at least the wood won't warp. ;-)

  3. Looks so cute!! When ours are older, I definitely want Patrick to build them one. Well, maybe Scott's big enough now. And Patrick DID just finish a shelf-building project in the garage. So maybe he's up for another challenge. Boy would he and Chris have a great time building things together.... If only y'all were closer! Sigh.


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