Sunday, June 7, 2009

Changing Fast

David has had a big couple of weeks! During our ridiculous 3,000 mile adventure to Texas, Oklahoma and back, David managed to learn how to crawl, pull himself up to a standing position on pretty much any upright object he can find, and walk around said object. This was very impressive considering he spent the better part of a week strapped into his carseat. David has also officially reached the 50th percentile for his weight/age and now after all the work we put into porking him up, his pediatrician told me that David was getting too fat! Maybe it's all the extra treats Chris has been giving him....


  1. Jeez! My blog never did anything to your blog! :-)

    I love that you are going to blog! yeah!

  2. While I have not read the other blogs, I throw my full support behind this blog. I agree that all the other blogs can suck it.

    Also congratulations on an exciting couple of weeks.



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