Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trains, Finger Painting and Questionable Cups

Is it strange that I literally spend hours thinking of new track designs for David's train table? I am particularly proud of this one, it took quite a bit of thinking to work in the new Morgan's Mine piece that my mom gave him last weekend but I totally nailed it. David doesn't seem to understand why it makes mommy cringe when his dinosaurs rampage the table when that is obviously just as much fun as running the trains along the track I've decided that the train table is just as much a toy for the parents as it is for the kids. I've found that the key to train fun is tons and tons of track so that the layout is always changing and the ever important male-male and female-female connector pieces...if you've got a train set you know what I'm talking about....

This is David's first masterpiece. I may have helped a little, but those smears are all him....I haven't had the heart to get rid of the original yet, but I suppose it can't live on top of the refrigerator forever. He loves finger painting but hates having dirty hands. We had to stop at least five times for me to clean him off before he would continue. Artists can be so finicky.

I came across this as I was sweeping and it begs the age old question: Was it milk or was it water? I think I'll wait for Chris to come home and let him find out.
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  1. Good one, Cristina. I love the sippy cup post. Too funny! I know we've had that happen a few times. Scary what we find inside those cups!


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