Thursday, January 20, 2011

Play Food Fun

David Playing With His Newest Addition

Counting Cookies 1-10

Sandwich With All The Fixins
PB& J Sandwich
Now that the boys have their own play kitchen they were in desperate need of some play food.  This was the beginning of my new crafting obsession:  sewing felt play food.  This is what we've got so far, but in the works I've got a peel-able banana, some strawberries, bacon and eggs, and donuts complete with sprinkles and frosting.  David seems to love it--he took the jelly half of his PB&J and ran off yelling "yelly, yelly, yelly!"   
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  1. That is awesome! The sandwich stuff is really great! I might just have to order some felt food from you. Very cute!

  2. All the pictures are so cute! When did you get the play kitchen? And good job on the pretend food! A++

  3. My sister Courtney sent the boys the play kitchen after Christmas. I've been having a lot of fun making the play food!

  4. Those really look great! You did a great job!!


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