Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sprucing Up the Place

I'm sure all of you are super interested in my projects, but I'm super excited about them and for some reason my boys aren't, so I'm going to share them with you. I promise I'll try to get a video of David doing something super cute to balance out these posts soon!

Anyway, once we took down Christmas our living room looked a little sad, so I shopped the house and did some rearranging. I moved this bookcase down from the boys room and moved all of the boys' books out of the playroom and into these baskets and set up the new kids table and chairs next to it. Now we have a bit of a reading nook and we've been doing much more snuggling and stories on the couch since the books are more accessible. This also freed up a lot of room on the playroom shelves for toys!

I painted the dark green flower reliefs (given to us by Mom R several years ago and living in our basement since we moved here) bright white and hung them up--I was just eye balling the placement so they are a little crooked, I'll get around to fixing that eventually I'm sure....

And my favorite thing by far are the sweet footprints I made to go in my empty frame. Making the prints also served the purpose of showing me (once again) that I've waited way too long to get David a new pair of shoes and he definately needs to go up a size.
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