Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Rules Canvas

This weekend, while Chris was away at a conference, I carted the boys off to aunt Kate's for a girls crafting weekend and we make these family rules canvases.  Kate went for a simpler, sanity saving version but I decided to go the difficult route and cut out all of these strips of paper as seen in the original inspiration version.  I think her canvas came out super cute and looks a tad more polished than mine--which came out a tad bit wrinkly from the Mod Podge and a couple of the lines are a tad bit difficult to read on the pretty papers I chose.....oh well, here is the final product............

Those hard to read rules are:

everything is a gift from God...take care of your things
too much TV is BAD.........too much READING is GOOD
keep your promises

I've got some extra paper so I might put new strips on it one day and redo them so they are more readable but that day is definitely not today!

I think it will live here on top of the play kitchen so David will be able to see it every day and learn all of the new rules by heart..........well a mother can dream........
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  1. I love it! Making rules fun, you sure are a 'crafty' mom. Your doing a great job, keeping the boys (and mom and dad) focused on all the right things.
    I am really proud of the fantastic way your training Henry and David. They are sure blessed to have a mom who loves them like you do.
    Hope your week is filled with love and blessings!


  2. Love that idea! You are super creative....such a gift!

  3. You are quite the busy bees! Where do you get all your energy?

  4. I think yours looks great! Very polished!


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