Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Haircuts

I hate getting David's hair cut. For one, getting him to sit still in the barber's chair is a nightmare and for another, I kind of like his hair to be on the wild side--it's his signature look. But last weekend I had to admit his hair was a tad out of control.

Chris convinced me that although I have failed miserably in past attempts to cut his hair, he was sure that I wouldn't ruin David's hair if I cut it myself. David on the other hand wasn't so sure....

So I gave it a shot. That's right, I'm not only attempting my first home haircut, I'm also talking on the phone....don't judge me....

And here is the final result after a bath to wash off all of the hair...and there was A LOT of hair! What do you think? Should I keep cutting it myself or leave it up the professionals?

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  1. wow! I think you did a great job on David's hair!

  2. Looks pretty good to me. Nice job.

  3. Fantastic cut on David's hair! I bet that job would have made a fun video. He looks like a fine, handsome young man!

  4. I love it! He looks like such a big boy!


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