Monday, March 14, 2011

Henry Can Crawl

I thought I'd post a video cofirming the fact that yes, Henry can crawl! He's been scooting around for a while now. Mostly backwards so that he ended up stuck under the sofa. He was also able to miraculously make it to Raleigh's water bowl in seconds if he found himself within a five foot radius of it, but I never actually saw how he was doing that......

David never bothered to crawl, he just sat there until he pulled himself up on the furniture and started walking so it's been fun to watch Henry do this low crawl all over the place!


  1. Very cute! Of course I saw him moving in person when you visited, but so cute to see him get the cheerios!

  2. The Reintjes boys are amazing! Thanks for posting this and keeping us up to date.
    Henry really had to work hard for that last Cheerio. What a boy won't do for food:) Obviously, he has his dad's tenacity.

  3. Henry is a doll! Congrats little man on learning to crawl!


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