Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teepees and Pudding Jars

I've been planning out this teepee for a long time, but it is finally a reality!  After the last ridiculous tree-downing storm we weathered I sent Chris out on a quest for "straight" tree branches for my posts.  Grandma Reintjes was kind enough to donate some fabric but it ended up not being quite long enough so I used a couple of painters drop cloths instead--some twine, a little elastic, and ribbon later and voila!

It's not exactly straight, the sides aren't exactly even and the flaps don't exactly close but the boys don't seem to care!

We also surprised Daddy with an early Father's Day present....banana pudding in a jar!  Well six jars to be exact......I don't particularly care for this dessert so I've never made it before, but Chris loves it so I finally broke down and made some.  He said it was the best banana pudding he's ever had!  I found the recipe here if you're interested :)  I saw the jar presentation idea recently and I thought it was super cute....of course the one I saw looked much more, shall we say...put together......oh well, Chris was just excited to have his very own pudding to go!  


  1. Love the teepee! I think it turned out brilliantly! How fun!

  2. Wow. Sugar over load Chris! It looks too cute to eat though. :)


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