Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day at the Farm

We joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) at the beginning of the growing season which means every week we pick up our share of produce that was just harvested at the farm and once a month we get to go to an open farm day and take a ton of leftover produce home with us, pick as many flowers and herbs as we want, play on their playsets and eat delicious snacks!  It was super crowded--I'm pretty sure everyone came right when they opened to attempt to beat the heat. 

David had a great time--there was a digging for potatoes treasure hunt and a giant tire sandbox so what's not to like :)

David asked to hold some of our produce in one of Chris' bags--he didn't last long carrying the extra load.....

It was really hot so we didn't last as long as we would have liked--once we had gathered all of our goodies and the children were a nice shade of pink (from the heat not a sunburn--what kind of a mom do you think I am!) we headed back to the house to cool off and get some lunch.  David made it two minutes from the house before he started crying and sick.  all. over. himself.  and the carseat.  It was super gross--Chris sprang right into action and took the whole carseat out--with David still strapped in--and hosed the whole thing down.  David was fine as soon as he was cleaned off.  We are pretty sure he just got motion sick, poor thing.  I have a picture that I won't share due to the gross factor of him after the incident (not because I'm evil--he asked me to take one, he was even giving me the most feeble and sad "cheeses" you've ever heard.....

Our Score:  one bunch of flowers, cilantro, basil (I should have taken fives times as much according to Chris), a couple sprigs of rosemary, one head of lettuce, three green bell peppers, three tomatoes, some garlic, five cucumbers, five zucchinis, two yellow squash, five onions, and one box of potatoes courtesy of David's treasure hunt!  Not too shabby for free! 

Of course I was most excited about the flowers........We love being a part of the CSA.  We are eating a lot more produce now--since we have so much!  Everything is so fresh and delicious; and since it came from just down the road instead of south america it's still packed with all it's nutrients!  Plus we feel super hip :)


  1. Love the flowers! What a great deal! Poor David. Probably a combination of motion and heat.

  2. Have to say I'm a little jealous!! We do have a fabulous farmer's market here and the sweet Iowa corn stands are beginning to pop up around town. YUM! Looks like a great way to support your local farmers...good job!!

  3. Sounds like such a neat opportunity! Just a hint... I found I can keep my fresh basil longer(over two weeks) if I place it on my counter in a vase/cup of water. Mine actually started growing roots!

  4. I am definitely jealous and you are definitely HIP!!

  5. Well, you are super hip. :) I have other pics to send you of David and Henry at the farm. can't wait to catch up!


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