Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cupcakes Are For Flinging

We've had a busy week of cupcake baking, icing, decorating, devouring and flinging. Chris is now officially in the final year of his twenties and he has started his last year off right--with presents and homemade cards :)

We made Funfetti cupcakes for Chris which was a treat for him as I'm not particularly fond of them and therefore rarely make them which means he never gets to eat them.  Anyone familiar with the great Crisco birthday cake disaster of 2010 knows why he can't just make them for himself :) 

 I don't know why there is always at least one shirtless male at the dinner table at our house....maybe I should just be thankful for the laundry they're saving me and not worry about the manners?

David's birthday card to Daddy--with a little spelling help from Mommy.

Henry really liked the cupcakes....

I mean really liked them....of course this fun back and forth with the cupcake on the fork ended with said cupcake being flung off the fork and landing smack in my face--I don't know how but I really didn't see it coming............

The next day we celebrated David's third birthday which was a milestone because I believe it's the first time we didn't just do both birthdays at the same time--he was onto our game.....

He didn't seem to be onto the fact that those cupcakes looked a little familiar though........I'll make him his own cake on years where we aren't planning ridiculous cake filled parties later in the week :)

 We made him close his eyes while Daddy brought out his present from us........................

Of course the real excitement came with Grandma and Grandpa Reintjes' gift.......


  1. Okay that video of him saying, "thank you grandma and grandpa", is adorable! I love it!

  2. Happy Birthday boys!! I somehow must have missed the 2010 Crisco disaster! Sounds interesting:) David and Henry are adorable!

  3. The Crisco disaster happened two years ago when Chris decided he would bake me a two tiered cake for my birthday. He read the directions on the box and decided to grease the pan with about a quarter inch of Crisco--then he ran out of frosting so only the front side of the cake was frosted. It looked ridiculous and it tasted like Crisco but the attempt was so sweet :)

  4. TOO CUTE!! I love the video kisses! Can't wait for Scott to be that age...well, I CAN...but you know what I mean! Happy Birthday Boys! We miss our favorite neighbors!!


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