Saturday, September 3, 2011

David's Train Party Spectacular

The day for David's 3rd birthday party finally arrived!  David has been talking about this for months and he was not disappointed!  He asked for a train party (surprise, surprise!) so we transformed our yard into a train depot complete with train tracks and homemade decorations galore!  I think the bunting I sewed is my favorite part!  All the good pictures are courtesy of Kate--the blurry ones are all mine  :) 

We had duct tape train tracks leading the way to the party--I was going to have more tracks on the patio but I severely underestimated how much tape I would use--that's over one of those huge rolls right there! 

I printed out a bunch of Thomas and Friends coloring pages and had markers and crayons for the kids to draw with on the picnic table--it wasn't a Thomas party but what can I say, my little guy loves that little blue engine--I had to throw him in somewhere :)

 The middle car was full of fruit kabobs which were a huge hit!  We also had chips, pretzels, carrot and celery sticks and a bunch of dips and hummus.  And of course David's favorite--PB&J sandwiches :)  We also grilled out hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages for everyone who wanted to stay for dinner.

Chris and I spent a few evenings this summer working on our masterpiece--the giant cardboard train!  We scavenged boxes on Post when everyone was moving in so most of our materials were free!  We filled the "coal car" with black balloons--which were immediately strewn about the yard and eventually popped with sticks :)  The caboose was our favorite part.  It had a bunch of secret doors and pop out windows! 

Here is David seeing everything for the first time...........I think he was a little overwhelmed!

As you can see, aside from the giant train we had lots of really complicated games and activities planned for the kids.....,...or we turned our sandbox into the "Quarry".....and by turned into I mean put a "Quarry" sign next to.....mostly the children just had fun running wild through our yard!

And of course there were homemade chocolate cupcakes! 

David's party was perfect!  A big thank you to everyone who came and made this day so special!

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  1. Looks like it was spectacular! Wish we could have been there! Can't believe David is three! Hope he liked his gifts


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