Monday, March 26, 2012

Indoor Gardening

I've been wanting to make terrariums with the boys for a while and I finally got tired of the empty jars staring at me and gathered up our supplies this weekend. I used this tutorial except we didn't use any charcoal--we're wild I tell you :)

David had fun dumping gravel and scooping potting soil.  In retrospect we should have done it outside.....and used wider mouth jars.  It was really hard to get our hands in and actually plant the plants, and by our I mean my.  I bought three succulents to use but I only ended up fitting one in.  The smaller jar only has moss that we dug up outside.

We put in a cute little house thing that David picked out at the pet store and some rocks and shells from our "collection."  Well, I'm using the phrase David picked out  loosely, what he really chose was a glittery pink treasure chest which I didn't think his daddy would approve of, so I may have had a hand in guiding him towards a less pink option......I think they turned out pretty well over all!

What I really want to make is something more along the lines of this except of course much more manly.....I keep telling myself that it doesn't make sense to do it here and I should just wait until we move.  Chris thinks I"m being silly and just trying to relive my own childhood fantasies of having my very own tiny garden.....he's probably right.  But I'm doing it anyway :)


  1. Cool! They look like they were fun to create!

  2. I don't see the link to the one's your trying to copy. I like the little "gardens". They're very cute, and the kids probably had a lot of fun creating them.

  3. Sorry, I need to make my links blue so they stand out more--you can see it if you click on the grey words....


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