Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daddy Takes Charge and Mommy Takes a Break

As the final year of law school wraps up (and Chris' incredible hard work to finish all his final papers early) he's been home early this week and spending lots of time playing with the boys.

Take a look at how brown that mud water is....yum :)

Chris' help has allowed me some time to do things I want to make delicious chocolate granola.....Granted, half of the other jar disappeared when I left Chris alone with it.....

My wonderful husband also watched the boys so that I could go to my favorite shop in the world...Canaday's Book Barn--and yes it is exactly what it sounds like--a giant barn in the middle of farm country full to the cross beams with beautiful old books.  I might have gotten a little carried away, especially since this pile doesn't include all of the children's books I've tucked away for Henry's birthday.  David loved this 1963 Peter Pan picture book.  After I read it to him, he turned to me and said, "Thank you mommy for buying me this present!"

If you think about it, all the books I got are presents for the boys...what better present could you give your children than a well stocked library...right?  Well, that argument probably won't convince Chris to take the grown up books from the boys spending money instead of mine  :)   Oh well, I've had a recent uptick in my own ability to save up my spending money by simply not buying anything that isn't on my list.  Well, up until I went into the book barn--I hadn't been planning on buying these books per say.....Mostly I've been going back and forth between this nightgown or this one, this apron and this set of tea cups.  I just can't decide which I want the most so apparently I just buy books instead.

Speaking of budgeting, Chris and I have been saving tons of money each month by deciding that any fast food we bought would no longer come from our "dining out" money but from our own spending money.  It's funny how much less you want to buy a hamburger when you know you're giving up vintage Peter Pan books for the short lived pleasure.  I almost gave in to my fast food fast the other day as I was hungrily passing a Taco Bell.   I had almost convinced myself that tacos aren't that bad for you--it's really just a shell, some meat, lettuce and cheese right?  I was about to pull in when I looked up at their window display and it literally said--"Your taco's a Dorito!"  I veered off, there was no way of telling myself that those tacos were real food after was probably for the best :)

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  1. For the record, I like the first nightgown best! And I LOVE April Cornell....recently got a gorgeous set of napkins and tablecloth from there!


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