Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creative Boating

It's been raining for the past two days here...and cold....The kids have been detoxing from a week of hot outdoor fun in North Carolina to a cold wet mess here and they've been behaving accordingly.  Add to that the fact that I've turned my kitchen table into a temporary sewing station and have been up to my ears in pieces of fabric and loose threads trying to finish up my projects for our graduation party and you've got two cranky kids who want my attention.

In a moment of parenting genius (all to few and far between) I decided to say yes to their demands to take their boats to the river to play and we made our own river right through the living room.....complete with blue fabric for our river, a castle, pirates and of course crocodiles to chase said pirates.

It's their new favorite game which is only slightly obnoxious in the sense that it requires me to constantly build new castles as their second favorite game is knock down the castle......


  1. The boys have such awesome toys!! Thanks for giving me ideas of what to buy Scott!!! :-)

  2. I was wondering (just as I got to the end of your post) how you keep them from knocking the castle Sounds like fun!

  3. Cute! You're pictures are really good. The new camera is working great!


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