Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ant Farm Update

We've let our sneaky little ants free, but then that was probably their plan all along.  A few days after we made our little ant farm all ant activity appeared to cease, not an ant was to be found, and almost all the tunnels had collapsed.  I confirmed with Chris and we decided that the ants had most probably *ahem* not made it or were on their way to not making it.....What could we do but dump them out?

What we then discovered was that the ants had managed to lift the interior jar, move half of their dirt in and had taken up residence there instead.

*Note to self:  even though the tutorial said nothing about putting a lid on the interior jar it is indeed an essential step.*  

To be fair, this possibility had crossed my mind when we were constructing the original ant farm but I never save our jar lids much to Chris' chagrin.   You see in our town you have to pay for your trash but not your recycling.  Chris would have me put everything in the recycling bin....I however maintain that the lids are not labeled as recyclables so they should go in the trash.  Feel free to correct me--or more likely him :)--if you can settle this years long argument for us......

I've saved a couple of new jars with lids  so we will try again and hopefully our ants won't go into hiding this time.....

1 comment:

  1. Wow, ants are pretty amazing! I'd have to agree with you. If it's not recyclable it shouldn't go in the recycling.


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