Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ah, Military Moves....

....they aren't as fun as you might think.....

We got a call from the housing office in Jacksonville today letting us know that they had given our house to another family who had an exceptional family member and therefore trumped us and our desire to live on base.  Luckily they offered us the house next door but couldn't tell us for sure when we'll be able to move in-maybe a week later, maybe that I just say...fantastic.....

I've got to come up with a new plan for what to do in the meantime and I guess we'll just put our things into storage in Florida until we have a home to deliver them to which I really don't want to do because it's always a hassle to get your household goods back out of storage.  If there's one thing I've learned from all of these moves is that you just have to be flexible and learn to roll with all of the....hmmm....I'll be positive and just call them.....challenges....or maybe opportunities to practice patience.....

In the more exciting moving news category we had an amazing wheeling and dealing day today.

I sold our playset on Craigslist about an hour after I posted it for exactly what I paid for it two years ago (also on Craigslist)--of course we ended up with a little less than that as my tender-hearted husband knocked $20 off the price telling me that that dad needed it more than we did :)

We also bought our very first washer and dryer at a local shop that sells GE appliances.  The owner (who was helping us) was wonderful and helped us pick out exactly what we needed--the same set he and his wife has which funnily enough was not the fancy set you'd imagine the owner of an appliance store owning but the just plain-ol'-regular set.  He also congratulated us for paying in cash--I believe Chris actually got a "good boy!"  We got a great deal, supported a local business, and they're delivering the appliances in the boxes so they'll be well protected during the move and we'll have two giant boxes for the boys to play with once we arrive--a win win win all around.

David did his part to help us get a good deal by tugging on the owner's sleeve, pointing at his rather rotund stomach and saying:

"Excuse me, excuse me.  You have a really big belly."

Luckily he had a great sense of humor and just laughed.  I didn't know what to do so I took a cue from him and gave my own nervous/awkward laugh and tried to change the subject.  We found out later that the man was not only the owner of the appliance store but also the mayor--so to recap, David called the mayor of our little city fat and the lovely mayor responded by giving him lollypops and bottles of water.

I love not buying things from big box stores--so many more interesting things happen when you check out what the locals have to offer.

PS.  We did give David a lecture when we got home about how it's not nice to tell people that they have large bellies.  I'm sure he's taken it to heart and will never embarrass us in public again....he's easy to teach like that :)


  1. Too funny!!! Glad you guys had a successful day!!!

  2. That is really a bummer! You know if you're looking for things to do to pass time you could always drive to Iowa...I hear that takes a while;) Well hopefully they will find you an even better house!! We'll have to talk appliances soon...we're going to need new W/D in the near future.


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