Thursday, December 13, 2012

{p,h,f,r} St. Lucy's Day Edition


We went for it and made Saint Lucia's bread in celebration of her feast day today.  Ideally this would be something you eat for breakfast but I made the dough last night and put it in the fridge to rise--I don't know much about bread making in general so I was at a loss as to what to do with it this morning since it was cold and once I braided it it never really doubled in size....I eventually gave up and threw it in the oven hoping for the best and we feasted on it about at about ten.  It did turn out pretty (and delicious)!


I made these truffles for Chris' office Christmas party tonight.  I started dipping them in chocolate so they would have that wonderful truffle-y shell but I ended up overheating the chocolate in my makeshift double boiler and had to abandon the whole attempt and just roll the rest in various things--confectioners sugar, cocoa powder and sprinkles.  A chocolatier I am not.  I'm hoping they taste good though, even if my chocolate dipping was a flop, especially the ones I got fancy with and made with dark chocolate and raspberry liqueur.  There weren't enough to have a big taste test so I'm just going to bring them and hope for the best!  

It also appears that the days of real Navy Christmas parties that are held in ballrooms complete with younger spouses/dates dancing around in full prom attire and flat screen TVs given away as prizes are officially gone.  It looks like from here on out we'll be having much more low key get togethers like this evenings festivities which are being held at a local Italian restaurant and where everyone has been asked to bring their own desserts to share.  I'm not bitter though--we've got a babysitter (even though this is a child friendly event) and we are going to fully enjoy our two hours of freedom together :)


In honor of St. Lucy's feast day I printed out some coloring pages for the boys and this is what I got back.  Coloring is not their forte.....I'm not sure how I produced two children who have such little desire to sit down and color a pretty picture for mommy.....What's worse is the blue picture on the left is David's......


I've finally gotten all of my Christmas cards out except for a couple of stragglers waiting on current addresses which is no small feat since the majority of our address list is composed of military families and recent law school graduates who tend to relocate constantly--this year I had to get new addresses for literally three quarters of our friends.  

Now that our cards are safely on their way out to all of our loved ones, I couldn't help but noticing that our own Christmas card wreath is looking a little, um.....sparse.  Don't be fooled by the appearance of four cards here. One came from Notre Dame and another is also a mass mailing from our old reality we've received an underwhelming two......maybe I should have sent out some of those "Hey!  We've moved.....again" cards.  Maybe I'll remember that for next time.......

You can find even more contentment, and probably less whining, over at Like Mother, Like Daughter :)  


  1. Good job on the baking. It looks good. We got your card yesterday. It's funny. I love the picture. I pick up our cards today. Hope to get them out soon.

  2. I was on the fence about doing cards. Maybe I will. We got yours yesterday! It was great!

  3. We got yours, too! The pic did crack me up. I have most of the cards addressed but just waiting on my pics. Your idealism always makes my smile. But your reality is pretty cool anyway. ;)


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