Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Cuteness....A Little Complaining....

I know, I know.....I should be taking more pictures of the little man, but who has time for pictures when you're so busy snuggling and smelling that sweet new baby smell? 

Isn't he precious?   He's always sucking in his little chin like that :)  

While I've been convalescing on the couch I've spent my time ever so prudently and have managed to go on a TV bender watching all four seasons of Lark Rise to Candleford while other people took care of the older boys/house cleaning/cooking/etc......don't judge me, my uterus still hurts........

Would you allow me to be indignant about something everyone else has long since gotten over being indignant about?  I guess that's the problem with being at least two years behind in all things television related.  For some reason Chris didn't share my love of this show, which is pretty much the British equivalent of Little House on the Prairie, so he isn't interested in listening to me vent.

Apparently the show was canceled in the fourth season and the loose ends were tied up quickly and really rather poorly in a mere half season.  There were disappearing characters--really, what happened to Nan?  And actors that left the show to pursue bigger and better things leaving giant holes in our hearts, come on Bates, Downton Abbey is fine and all but you were Laura's pa, er....pawr.......clearly I can't spell "pa" with and English accent......There should be some kind of rule about making really good shows and then getting rid of them before actually finishing telling their story.

I know little man, it's too horrible to even think about any more......

Once I watched the final episode I almost broke down in tears at the awfulness of it all.....of course that could also have been my postpartum hormones rearing up.

Well, my lovely mother-in-law got me a copy of the book the series was based on so maybe that will give me some kind of closure.........Did anyone else watch this series, or am I not only woefully behind the television times but also incredible uncool?


  1. I haven't watched the show and only just found out about it when mom was visiting her last month. I'm sad to hear that the ending is bad. I was considering watching the show.

    Baby boy is a sweetie. Enjoy the snuggles. It's only been two months with my little guy and already he's changed so much. They grow too fast!

  2. OK Dad and I both love Larkrise to Candleford and we just watched the ending tonight. It wasn't a bad ending, what was bad was that it has ended! Fantastic show that often left me in contemplation, sometimes sad, but always uplifted as well. Now what shall I watch???? I already miss it! I also have the book and am loving it too!

  3. PS. Saw the photo website and loved the hospital photos of John Michael! What a dear one!

  4. He is adorable! Oh newborn baby love.....there is nothing like it!!


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