Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lifeguards Are For Clinging....

The boys finished up swim lessons today....and by "swim lessons" I mean mostly sitting on the side of the pool and waiting their turn for the lifeguards to try once again to persuade them that putting your head under  (or anywhere near) the water is fun and not at all terrifying.

I even bought them goggles to help get them excited about potential head dunking but apparently goggles are only fun to wear when not actually anywhere near the water....

Henry had more fun than David, although they both looked forward to going to the pool each morning.  David just liked the idea of the pool more than the reality.

David kept a pretty tight grip-o-death on the lifeguard.  He never did do a "1, 2, dunkaroo" or even a "lay back and float and I promise I won't let go of you."  

At "graduation" the lifeguard informed me that if we wanted to sign the boys up for another session we should just do the preschool class again.  I guess they're just not quite ready for level one, which probably requires that the children not be horrified at the idea of getting their heads wet.

Apparently we need to spend more time in the pool........maybe with daddy there to help.   Swimming counts as PT right?  Right.

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  1. Cute photos! Try working on it in the bath. My kids got over being afraid of water from the bath. Have them wear the goggles in the bath. Or you can get a cheap hard plastic baby pool for practice. They'll get it soon enough.


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