Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That House....

I think we are really and truly becoming that house in our neighborhood:

It's a good thing we are the most tucked away house on the entire base because this is what I got when I asked Chris to rig up a clothes line in the backyard to try to bleach out my diapers.  Classy.

He accomplished this early one morning while simultaneously wearing the baby and ensuring the oldest two boys stayed alive and quiet while I stayed asleep.  It's not every man who can see a problem and attack the problem with manly man straps, all while babywearing.  He's definitely a keeper, that multi-talented husband of mine.

And on a related note, does anyone else have problems with stained diapers?  Mine never seem to come out of the wash looking clean--smelling clean sure, looking clean not so much.  I'd love to hear everyone's cloth diaper laundering tips--I don't like to google anything related to cloth diapering in general because I always seem to end up more confused than when I began :)

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  1. I didn't use the folded kind...just the bumgenius. I would rinse then like 3 times in the washer (with towels because of that frontloader thing) and then wash with Nellie's all natural soap. Then dry in the dryer (the inserts) and hang out (the covers). They really didn't get stained but they are synthetic and not all cotton. Hope this helps!


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