Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On First Birthdays

Well, since we were on the road for the funeral on John Michael's actual birthday, we had to cancel plans for his super fun groundhog's day party* and we ended up celebrating at home once we got back.

Poor thing had his one year well baby visit complete with vaccinations that morning so he wasn't feeling very festive.  Bless his heart.  He's the victim of our sorry-you're-not-the-first-born-first-birthday-policy of only buying one present for the baby who has everything.  Contrary to his feverish grump face he really likes his new glockenspiel.

We did cake before his birthday in Texas but we didn't have any candles so we had a do-over at home.  He didn't quite know how to approach his cupcake and he absolutely refused to get his fingers dirty so we ended up giving him a spoon to get him started.

Then he tried to go completely hands-free.

Then, once he tasted the deliciousness of it all.......he went for it........

Happy birthday John Michael!  Next year you'll have those cupcake groundhogs....promise :)  

*Children born on Groundhog's Day should just resign themselves to years of groundhog themed festivities.


  1. What a cutie! It seems to me that boys would like to have parties themed around giant rodents!

  2. When you put it like that..... :)

  3. Oh my he is so cute!! Happy birthday little miracle boy, you are a blessing!


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