Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Try Not to Hate Me if You Currently Feel Like You're Living in the Tundra

It's Florida Winter here, which means that occasionally it's cold (and by cold I mean less than fifty degrees) and sometimes it's in the eighties.  So we've taken our annual February pilgrimage to the beach  on one of those days when you wake up and realize it's actually beach weather--well the air temp is beach appropriate not so much the water, but that didn't stop my little nuts from diving in sweatshirts and all.....

...if it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure our drastic temperature changes are triggering my migraines which means I only get horrifically debilitating headaches when the weather's crazy--so that's just about once or twice a week during the schizophrenic winter.  Don't worry, I've let my husband know that I'm allergic to Florida and hopefully we won't be moving back anytime soon*.

Giant logs were lugged out of the water and dead jellyfish were poked with sticks.........

John Michael loved it.....what can I say, the boy loves to dig....and also attempt to wreck things his brothers make--including this magnificent fairy house we constructed for all those homeless coastal fairies.

Henry thought the seagull wing he found was the perfect finishing touch for the doorway.  I told him that I was sure dead animal parts are exactly what any fairy is looking for in their dream home.

Yes, I let my children play with pieces of dead seagulls.

No, I'm not winning any parenting awards over here.

I apologize to any Northerners if pictures of us frolicking at the beach makes you feel even colder than you already are.  Think warm thoughts, I'm sure Spring is just around the corner!

*Sorry Florida, I love you but you make me sick :)


  1. I'm choosing to believe that the seagull sacrificed that wing with no pain and full knowledge that it would be used in a noble purpose...

    We had an unseasonably warm weekend and the babies played outside for the first time since they started walking well - soooo much dirt eaten... So no judging here!

  2. Oh my, how difficult to get migraines due to the weather! You certainly have plenty to "offer up"! But if it's temperature changes that trigger your migraines, isn't Florida a place with smaller temperature swings than most?

    1. Maybe in Southern Florida! Up here, we've had weeks that have high's dip into the 30's and then pop back up later in the week to 70's or 80's. You never know what to expect!


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