Saturday, April 26, 2014

On the Hunt

Chris has a new obsession that seemed like a harmless idea at fact it was my harmless idea.....but now, I think I might regret having introduced him to his new-found love.  Geocaching.

If you're not familiar, geocaching involves searching for hidden 'caches' using GPS coordinates.  A cache is some sort of container containing a list of everyone who previously found it and small trinkets to trade.

All in all, geocaching isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon outdoors.  We walked a good six miles along beach and trails and found two caches, but that wasn't enough for Chris and we had to stop along the road on the drive home so he could find just one more.  I've seen the same glimmer in his eyes before and I predict it will be a long while before he's able to shake the impulse to treasure hunt.....

And for posterity's sake, here's me at fifteen weeks looking pregnant enough that strangers already feel comfortable discussing the fact that I am indeed with child.
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