Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Fun

Last week we finally busted out the slip and slide--and by slip and slide I of course mean a piece of plastic sheeting with some pool noodles stuffed around the end to pool the water.  We promised one a while back but once we got the children super excited about the prospect of some good old fashioned summer fun and all decked out in their swim gear and sunscreen we realized that we had no idea where our old plastic sheeting was.....maybe the recycling?  The children were not impressed with my substitution of just playing with the hose......

Well just plain old hose play no longer!  Now we have a hose and a plastic sheet :)

John was not pleased with the whole "sliding on wet plastic" situation.

He was pleased with the "stealing mom's sweet tea" situation though......

.....very pleased.

Henry also doesn't care for the slip and sliding.  Building yes, sliding no.

Me:  That's a great castle you've built there Henry!
Henry:  Mooooooommmm.  It's a throne.
Me:  Oh, are you going to sit on it?
Henry:  (looking at me with complete exasperation) No, only the king sits on the throne.
Me:  I'm sorry, I don't know what I could have been thinking........

David however, David loves the slip and slide and also being the only one who wants a turn.
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