Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bib Please

Or, alternately:  If You Want Your Kids to Love You, Give Them "Chocolate" For Breakfast

Whole Duty of Children

A child should always say what's true
And speak when he is spoken to,
And behave mannerly at table;
At least as far as he is able.

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

No, I don't count Nutella as real chocolate or I might have to start feeling bad about how much of it I consume when the children aren't looking :)

And yes, I really should have thrown a bib on him before he started eating rubbing his "chocolate toast" all over his face.  You'd think as a veteran mom of boys I would have seen it coming.  I suppose he was attempting to get as much chocolate with as little bread into his mouth as possible.

Clearly our poetry readings are really sinking in.

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