Thursday, September 18, 2014

{p,h,f,r} The Big News and Big Messes Edition


Okay, when you're living with all boys sometimes you have to stretch the pretty.  He did look pretty with his new home haircut before he joined his brothers outside....after that he was mostly just pretty dirty...


We've had a lot of happy news at the Reintjes' house lately--although not a lot of photographic documentation :)

We thought the '94 4-Runner that Chris has been driving since college was dead after we got a repair quote for $5,000 which is considerably more than ole' faithful is worth--we were even considering scrapping the poor thing.  Luckily, we were able to resuscitate the old gal by only fixing the front brakes for considerably less money and not replacing the apparently completely rusted out back brakes.  Chris assures me that you don't need the brakes in the back anyway.....and I've assured him the children will no longer be riding in his car.  Chris is happy.  I think he was panicking a little trying to figure out who he would be if not that lawyer who drives the crazy old beat up truck.

We also finally got our official orders to the Pentagon and we should be officially moving to Virginia some time in the first week of November--with our hopefully two week old baby girl.  Now that might not sound exactly like happy news to those of you who prefer more than seven weeks notice before moving and/or not moving immediately after giving birth but it's so much better to know where you're going than to not know and now we can at least get working on some sort of plan!  And in related news, I would appreciate prayers for a successful house-hunting-while-36-weeks-pregnant-trip-to-DC--prayers to find the perfect place and prayers to not deliver the baby in Virginia :)


It's a good thing our backyard is fairly private because we do a lot of pants-less swinging round these parts.


The current state of our back porch.

I barely have the energy to keep the interior of the house clean right now--I just don't even know where to begin with this.  At least whatever it was they were constructing out there kept them busy for a good two hours so maybe it was completely worth the mess, maybe :)

And as always, check out Like Mother, Like Daughter for even more captured contentment!
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