Friday, October 31, 2014

A Harry Potter Halloween

.......or alternately, No. He's Not Yoda.

We had a pretty epic Halloween this year, the main event being Chris's admission to the ER for a respiratory infection which left me alone to take all the kids out trick-or-treating.  Luckily I had my lovely neighbors with me to make sure none of my brood met their demise running into the street in a sugar fueled craze.

Not that anyone would ever describe one of my children as crazed........

The big boys both wanted to be Harry Potter this year and since Aunt Courtney graciously offered to finance Halloween they got their wish with some really cute robes and real broomsticks I found on Etsy that I think will get a lot of use in the future.

Of course the fighting over who exactly would be Harry Potter began pretty much immediately and my cries that they could just both be Harry Potter fell on deaf ears.  Clearly two Harry Potters was a ridiculous solution. Henry thought David should be Ron Weasley because--red hair.  But David countered with the argument that Henry should be Ron because David's the oldest which obviously makes him the boss of everyone.

I'm not sure if that debate was ever resolved.  I guess once the candy started pouring in it didn't seem as important anymore.

And since we were doing Harry Potter costumes I got to dress up John like Dobby the house elf which was perfect because he likes to wear hats and also doesn't have enough words to argue with me on who he'd rather be for Halloween or whether or not he wants to be seen running around the neighborhood in a pillow case :)

Not everyone "got" John's costume though--a lot of folks thought he was supposed to be Yoda.  I thought the dirty pillowcase would clearly define him as a house elf--and also the fact that his hat was not green--but apparently I was mistaken.

We were not amused.

Well maybe a little amused.

The big surprise of the evening was that John turned out to be a very serious trick-or-treater.  He even outlasted Henry in his desire to acquire all the candy.  

And not to be left out, we also had a little Hedwig with us but she spent most of her time just sleeping and looking precious--apparently two week olds are pretty apathetic when it comes to Halloween :)

All in all I think the evening was a success.  Exorbitant amounts of candy were collected, Chris was released from the ER and is doing just fine and almost all of the children promptly went to bed, hopefully to sleep well into the morning hours and not notice that a good bit of their best candy is missing........

Happy Halloween!
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