Thursday, January 1, 2015

On My Birthday

So today's my birthday and as a special gift I got the flu :)  Actually everyone but Chris seems to have gotten the flu and although I think the worst is over, we're still pretty run down.  We couldn't even get to mass today which was a little disappointing, as was the fact that I couldn't use Chris' day off work to do some clothes shopping with my birthday money.  Oh well, Chris did his best to make the day special including attempting a birthday cake, which--let's face it--is not his forte.

We thought this year he finally pulled it edible and presentable cake, but alas.......

I can't figure out what he could have done to it that would cause it to break apart over the course of the day but apparently his attempts to support the structure with skewers was to no avail.

He also attempted gingerbread houses with the boys which went about as well as you might expect.

John ate his before it was assembled.

David slap-dashed his together and then complained that it wasn't the best one.  All his most intense desires collided into one perfect storm--the desire to be the fastest, the desire to do the least amount of work possible, the desire to be the best at everything while also not spending much time or effort.  It's so hard to be six.

Henry on the other hand painstakingly decorated his house, taking his time and choosing just the right pieces (including adding red icing wreaths on the windows later) and then was fairly inconsolable when John knocked it down.  He was eventually consoled when Chris fixed it, and then even more consoled later when he decided to just eat it.  

In addition to taking on gingerbread duties, Chris also made me chocolate covered strawberries and got me the perfect travel coffee mug for my present--actually he got me two so I can always have a clean one.  Not that I ever leave travel mugs in the car overnight......Add to all that the days and days he has spent this week nursing his poor sick family back to health, or at least....less sickness....and I think I can safely say that man of mine is a keeper :)

All in all, it was not too shabby a day considering. I think I'll postpone the special birthday dinner to a day when I actually feel like eating dinner though.....

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