Thursday, February 19, 2015

{p,h,f,r} Snow Day Edition

We had our first big snow this week--big enough to shut down the government--which meant Daddy got a snow day also and a free four day weekend to boot!  It's a good thing too because mommy does not like to be cold and these boys would not have been content to simply enjoy the snow from inside the house.

On that note, all of the following pictures were taken from the warmth and comfort of the doorway and/or living room.



Happily helping Dad shovel the walk.  This is apparently serious business when you live in town, with time limits and everything. Can I count this as homeschooling under handicrafts?  Maybe if I throw in the half completed igloo I found outside this morning--or would that be more of a  geography thing?  Both?


Video courtesy of the fun parent who is willing to walk the children down to the sledding hill.

I'd say the boys first sledding experience was a success even if our poor children were apparently the only ones without full on snowsuits partaking in the festivities.  It's just so hard to justify buying and storing that much winter gear for maybe two snowstorms a year.  John did have snowpants leftover from our time in Pennsylvania--somehow the need for bigger sizes never arose in Florida.  The need for bigger winter coats never even arose there.  On the three days a year they might have needed coats we just didn't go outside :)

Don't worry, no one was frostbitten here and I fully intend to look for clearance snow bibs at Walmart this week.


It's so hard to be the one left inside when all your brothers are out frolicking and all of your winter gear is sopping wet.  

John Michael:  "Put shuus on mommy.  Shuuus oooonnnnn?"

Me:  Umm, no.  I appreciate that you found ear warmers but a windbreaker over your jammies does not a snowsuit make.

John Micheal:  "Oh, okay then mom.  What a well reasoned answer.  I guess I'll just go play quietly in the playroom until the boys come in."

Just kidding.


I hope you all are staying warm!  Don't forget to head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter to see even more contentment!
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