Monday, February 23, 2015

On Snow Days

It's a little lame to have a Saturday snow day when you know that if it was during the week your husband would have had the day off but we made the best of it.  And by "we" I mean "Chris" who was outside for four hours straight with various children coming and going.

Please note that the children are all wearing snow pants.  Interestingly February is apparently much too late to actually buy snow pants in a regular store--I tried Walmart hoping to grab some on clearance and there was nothing.  They had already turned the whole store over to Spring, including the baby section where I could have bought Margaret all the sundresses and shorts she could ever want but there was not a long sleeved onesie to be found.  So to recap, now that it's actually snowing and most definitely still winter there are no winter clothes left to purchase.  There are plenty of bathing suits though.

Chris found these (after a hot tip from a colleague) at the nearby Columbia outlet where there were still a few pieces left in the clearance section.  Catastrophe averted.

So the boys were warmer as they went sledding at pretty much the best sledding hill ever.  According to Chris when he was on the sled too they were getting air going down those bumps.  I'm just glad I wasn't there to witness all the shenanigans.

Even John had fun although, once again, he ended up napping through sledding time.

He tried really hard to get his trike going in the snow and yes, making some sort of bike port on the side of the house is one of our projects for Spring.  


And here are some bonus sledding videos, because I can........



Hope you all are *still* staying warm!
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