Sunday, February 1, 2015


Once again I've run out of energy when it comes to planning something elaborate for poor John's birthday. Luckily this year we finally live close enough to cousins that they can just pop over for a birthday party without much notice!    

Since John's favorite things are dinosaurs and trains we threw him a dinosaur/train party (not to be confused with a Dinosaur Train party, although he does like that too).  And by "threw him a dinosaur/train party" I mean I set dinosaurs and trains pulling dinosaurs out on the table with the food.

With party hats.

The party hats make all the difference.


John's favorite part was the cake.  He even helped me decorate it by standing next to me on a stool and licking the counter as sprinkles ricocheted off of the cake and landed within the reach of his tongue.

And, to make the day even better, John got the dearest wish of his little heart:  a laser blaster gun which may even be louder than the one St. Nick brought Henry and that he's been coveting ever since.

I may or may not really regret this decision.

Now, John isn't technically two until two tomorrow--at which point we will likely celebrate with leftover cake............because two year olds don't know when you celebrated their birthday a day early :)

We love you John Michael!
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