Sunday, May 31, 2015

We began and ended our weekend shuffling back and forth from the car dealership as we attempt to get the air conditioning fixed on the van.  It's been two weeks since it went out and the main thing I've learned is that it's really too hot to be driving around this area without a.c.  So far, the main thing the mechanic has learned is all the things that are not wrong with it but as of Friday they've had no luck figuring out what actually is wrong.  Having my car in the shop is always troublesome since it's the only vehicle we actually all fit in.  We rescued it for the weekend so that we'd be able to go places but we had to take it back tonight.  We normally go through a process that involves Chris driving the van over and then taking their shuttle to the metro and then walking the almost mile back up to our house.  Of course that doesn't work on Sunday when no one is at the repair shop.  Tonight we ended up going rogue and all driving home in Chris's car with the big boys double-buckled in the back.  Is double-buckling still a thing or is that completely taboo these days?

The rest of the weekend was spent garage saling, visiting with an old friend, learning to ride bikes without training wheels and playing checkers.  A lot of checkers.  David figured out the bike immediately.  Henry, not so much.  We also realized that both boys need new bikes.  Well, David needs a new bike and Henry gets the hand-me-down.  Such is the life of the second born.  I scored a Britax carseat for John for pennies at our neighbors' yard sale though so I guess Henry isn't the only one suffering from never getting anything new.

Now that we have one competant bike rider and one hopefully soon to be competant rider I have a fantasy of heading out of the house in the summer as soon as the boys are up and riding bikes up and down the Mount Vernon Trail just me and the kids.  Of course that would mean that I too would need a bike, and some some sort of bike rack on the van since ours is on Chris's truck.  In my dream life I have this bike that holds two littles on the back or the bigger version that can hold even more kids.   I feel like bike riding would be the perfect solution my current problem of never getting to excercise because I have too many children to be able to afford a gym membership and childcare.  I guess that wouldn't be a problem if I was a runner but, I'm not.  I do do a lot of going up and down stairs and dead lifting heavy things/children so at least there's that.

In other news, our little lady has almost mastered the art of unassisted sitting.  That fading bruise on her forhead is evidence of the almost factor.  She has mastered glasses grabbing and really wet kisses though.  And also being absurdly cute.

How was your weekend?
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