Saturday, October 31, 2015

On Last Minute Halloweens

This year we left pretty much all the Halloween preparations until the day of.  That meant that it was a little tricky to find Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters, we only had a vague plan for costumes and we couldn't find the kids' pumpkin carving tools--but we figured it all out in the end.   I managed to rummage up some Halloween candy from the back of the bottom shelf at the commissary.   We never found the carving tools but the boys sketched out what they wanted and I carved it for them with the big knife, after they and daddy handled all the goopy gutting that is.

For costumes, David decided to be Fred Weasley and wear his flying car, Henry wanted to be an "army man," John rummaged in the costume bin and finally settled on an octopus and Margaret is dressed up as "the little sister who got left behind."  It just doesn't seem worth it to drag the baby out when the big kids don't want to wear cute matching family costumes anymore, does it?

Now, the baby's sleeping, I'm at home handing out candy and I've learned two things.  One, hardly anyone trick-or-treats down our super busy street.  And two, I cannot be trusted with a bowl full of Halloween candy.  Who knew?

Happy Halloween!

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