Thursday, October 22, 2015

{p,h,f,r} The Fall, Teeth and Crafting Masterpieces Edition


I finally wore down the husband and convinced him that what we really needed to buy this month was flowers.  He was understandably hesitant after an unfortunate incident with my spring pansies that may or may not have been left in their window boxes to fend for themselves and subsequently, well I suppose you could say they shriveled up and died, I prefer to imagine them going on to a better place.  I'm sure these flowers will do much better.  For one thing it's not nearly so hot.  For another, if they do pass on I can just blame winter.  In the mean time they are certainly pretty and I like to think they distract from the rather wild state of our actual flower beds.   


If you've been part of Tooth Watch 2015 you will be relieved to know that Margaret has finally sprouted another front tooth.  At five top teeth and three bottom teeth she had by far the most teeth of any Reintjes child on reaching their first birthday.  Unfortunately for the little hillbilly, she was stubbornly refusing to grow one of her two front teeth.  I was trying to remain calm and assume that the missing tooth was indeed in there somewhere and would in fact show up eventually but I was almost ready to call the dentist and get her little head x-rayed just to make sure.  Crisis (and radiation) averted!  This makes one happy mamma but unfortunately one very cranky little girl.  I'm sure one day she'll realize that having both front teeth is definitely worth any temporary discomfort it may be causing her now.  


In other exciting news, David participated in his first Cubanapolis event last week which mostly consists of entirely too many Cubscouts wearing cardboard cars racing each other around a gym while getting squirted in the face by their "pit crews."  It was fun.  It was mayhem.  While we were brainstorming ideas for what he wanted his car to be, he finally decided on the Weasley's flying car a la Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which he was reading at the time and I might have gotten a wee bit carried away making his dream into a reality.  To be fair, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to be winning any awards based on his speed, but I was also pretty sure we could totally take the prize for the best car--which we did.   

And yes, I have apparently turned into that mom that I so disliked growing up--the one who was clearly making their children's projects for them......and I only feel slightly guilty.  It's hard to feel too bad when their are prizes to be won :)  


While our front yard is looking duly fall-ified, our interiors are looking....well, a little sad.  This is the extent of our decorating so far.  Four sad pumpkins (it was five but one already molded--don't throw the pumpkins I said, they'll start to rot if they get bruised I said, I told you so I said) and one flying Ford Anglia propped up in the corner awaiting Halloween.  You don't spend that much time crafting a cardboard car and not use it for multiple occasions.  We do have a giant pile of leaves that we gathered up and dipped in wax sitting in the playroom awaiting stringing which could add a little extra fall flair.  If I ever work up the energy to actually string them.  Maybe tomorrow......... 

How is your fall shaping up?  Any amazing decorations?  Exciting news?  I know it's hard to top teething and cardboard car racing prizes but still :)  

And as always, see more captured contentment over at Like Mother Like Daughter!
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