Friday, December 25, 2015

On Christmas Day

With the kids sleeping in till 5:30, we had our latest start ever for Christmas morning festivities this year.  You'd think the extra snoozing would have mitigated any Christmas grumpiness but alas, some of our children like to open one present at a time and enjoy it for a while before moving on while one of our children would prefer to open every single present in one ten minute extravaganza of bow ripping and paper throwing and doesn't understand why we refuse to go with his version of Christmas morning fun.

Everyone was able to survive the (interminable) waiting, all the presents were eventually opened, and, along with a big Christmas breakfast, copious amounts of candy were consumed.  Or as John would say, they ate a lot of candy lands :)

We lounged around in our jammies all day enjoying our books (me) and building Legos (pretty much everyone else) and finished up the day by driving around looking at Christmas lights.  It was just a perfectly lovely Christmas day.


I hope each of your days was just as lovely and that God's love surrounds you this Christmas season and always!   Merry Christmas!

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