Monday, December 28, 2015

On the Third Day of Christmas

Mommy's "This is Harder than I Thought it Would Be Winter Wonderland."

Henry's "Streetlamp Spectacular."

David's "I Won First Place" masterpiece.

John John's ever classic, "Daddy Put Snow on My Roof."

And Chris' come from behind, "Bet You Didn't Know I Had Such Gingerbread Skills" work of gingerbread art.

Gingerbread house making went so much better this year than last, maybe because the kids are older, maybe because the big boys can stick with a task so much longer than they used to be able to, or maybe because I told them it was a contest.  It's hard to say.

Even daddy got into the action which made the whole thing a lot more fun and we were able to get everything mostly done before Margaret woke up from her nap.  I didn't read the instructions before we started that said the houses should sit for four hours before they can be decorated so they are sturdy enough.  Well, no baby naps that long, so we just went for it anyway and only had one total house collapse that needed emergency re-icing to shore the sides up.  Meanwhile daddy was laughing at me and my choice to only use the "good" houses from the kits I bought and not the "weird" ones.  Apparently an A-frame gingerbread house is much sturdier than a regular gingerbread house.  So says the engineer.

Which is your favorite?  Inquiring minds (aka David) wants to know.
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