Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On His First Holy Communion

Last weekend David had his first communion.  It was so sweet watching him get dressed up in his first suit with Chris explaining how to put on each layer and then how to properly hang it all up again. You know, man advice.  He would absolutely not give me a nice smile for a picture until I let him have Margaret to pose with.  She was not as enthusiastic as he was but she did look cute in that dress.  He just loves her so much.

I might have been crying big silent mamma tears during the service at how big my biggest boy is getting.

The actual mass was a bit of a circus which was unfortunate for such a special occasion.  The kids looked adorable processing in--girls on the left, boys on the right--but the number of phones, ipads, and random photographic devices out was distracting to say the least.  All the grown ups were talking, pretty much the whole time, and had their phones out, also pretty much the whole time.  I just wanted to shout, "Do you really need a low quality video from a bad vantage point of what may or may not be your child receiving their first communion?  Are you really planning on watching it over and over again? Could you please just put the thing down and enjoy this moment?  It's not going to happen again!"  There was actual photographers there taking a nice photograph of each child receiving communion and then a group photo as well so it's not like there wasn't going to be any evidence that this sacrament actually took place.  I'm not sure what the solution is.  An electronic device check at the front door?

David however, was unfazed by all the rigmarole behind him.  He just wanted to know if he could go to communion every day from now on.  I told him it's definitely there every day at mass but I don't think we can go every single day--maybe once lessons are over for the summer though we can schedule in more daily masses.  He had a baseball game later that afternoon (which ended up getting rained out halfway through) and Chris had to go back to the office (he went in that morning and came home in time to take David to the church early with all the other first communicants) so we celebrated in between by letting David choose a restaurant to go out to eat lunch at.  A rare treat.  With the whole world as his oyster he picked....Jimmy Johns.    We were a tad overdressed.

It really was a beautiful day despite the craziness and the thunderstorms and now Henry can hardly wait to make his first communion because it drives him absolutely crazy that David gets to get something that he can't have.  Brothers :)
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