Thursday, May 5, 2016

{p,h,f,r} The Carpets, Dollhouses and Quilts Edition


In a hopefully not overly optimistic leap of faith, last weekend I decided to go ahead and begin this newest little one's baby quilt even though I haven't hit that twenty week sigh of relief mark yet.  And yes, there is an awful lot of blue and green in this pile.  I've never done any genetic testing before because I just didn't want to 80% know if something might be wrong, but with my history they offered me the super charged, 99% correct, ten week genetic testing which I accepted solely to find out the gender of the baby a couple months early.  The baby is completely fine genetically speaking--except for that pesky y chromosome.

I kid, I kid.

The unexpected consequence of finding out that he is a he was that my anxiety over this pregnancy has all but evaporated.  Apparently I was mostly afraid that I was having another little girl and that my little girls are somehow doomed.  A boy though?  A boy will clearly be totally fine.  Irrational?  Probably.  Rational thinking isn't exactly a hallmark of pregnancy anxiety though.



I had a bit of a break down around the fact that my living room always looked dirty due to to my previous rug choice from hades and bought a new rug.  I cannot even begin to describe how happy this rug makes me.  I had a carpet remnant bound in a color much closer to that of the stains on the old one and it is glorious.  It looks a lot lighter than it really is in these pictures. While we were rolling it out we also decided to rearrange the furniture in a way that kaboshed the current traffic flow, which led from the front door directly to the sofa, in an effort to help the most soiled high traffic areas stay cleaner.

It looks so good, Chris fell asleep on the couch the first night we had it and I caught him talking in his sleep about how beautiful the room is.  Really.  Actually I thought what he said was "you are so beautiful" which was flattering, but no, he said "the room is so beautiful."  True but not as good for my ego.  He maintains that since I was sitting in the room I was included in the overall beauty of the space.  I'm still not convinced.

Also, someone said recently that gallery walls are so out.  I hope this isn't true because I've kind of committed, what with the plaster walls and all.....


Since Margaret will be turning two in October she obviously needs a dollhouse.  I found this little Melissa and Doug fold and go house on craigslist for $15 and I've started rehabbing it for the little lady.  I've got big plans that include shingles, paint and wallpaper.  The scale of the house is a smidgen on the small size which is good in the sense that we don't have room for a giant dollhouse right now but bad in that regular toddler/wooden furniture won't fit.  I think I've found some on Etsy that will do the trick though and I'm pretty sure I'm getting her a little Calico Critter squirrel family to go with it which appear to be the  perfect size.

I'm feeling so torn between wanting to make all the miniature things right now and my desire for her to have a simple toy that's good for imaginative play.  I keep reminding myself that this is just a starter dollhouse and we have plenty of time to make a real dollhouse later.  You know when she's actually old enough to play with a real dollhouse and not eat it.

I just loved my dollhouse so much growing up and I worked on it all the time and I'm really hoping Margaret will share that love and we can do fun mother-daughter dollhouse projects together.  I know that being presented with a totally "done" dollhouse that's completely furnished and decorated would be sort of lame since a lot of the fun of a dollhouse is rearranging, collecting and making all the bits and pieces.  At the same time though, it's so hard to not go for it Pinterest style now that I'm an adult and have the finances and hand-eye coordination to actually do all the things I wanted to do as a child.

What we sacrifice for our children :)

Oh, I've been waiting so long to work on a dollhouse!  The baby's quilt and the house have almost the same deadline so I'm trying to get them both done before the final stages of pregnancy sap all my enthusiasm. Somehow I think I'll manage.....


Just so we're clear that my living room is generally not what you'd call "tidy" during the day.  Here's the epic train layout we had going this week.  I even let them keep it up overnight because I'm such a cool mom.  Okay, it was just one night before I broke and took back my living room, but still.

And as always, make sure to pop over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for even more captured contentment!
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