Monday, July 4, 2016

On a Rainy Fourth of July

We had a vague plan that maybe this year would be the year,  the year we finally let the kids stay up late and take them out to see some real Fourth of July fireworks--which would probably be a sight worth seeing in DC.  Then we checked the weather and realized that there was no way our vague plan was going to become a reality.  Sorry kids.  It's nothing but sparkling ground fireworks for you this year.  Again.

We have pretty much no family traditions for this holiday, which I know we should rectify.  Next year.  Maybe a bbq with some sort of flag based dessert and a rowdy reading of the Declaration of Independence?   Maybe even with actual fireworks?  This year we settled for setting off our own fireworks before the rain started and playing games with dad the rest of the day.

The kids loved the fireworks even if they weren't real fireworks.  Well the boys loved them and Margaret was simultaneously crying in abject terror and laughing with delight while they were going off all while pointing and yelling "firewors! firewors!"  I think she's still a little confused about all of her various feelings.  The photo of her laugh/crying might be my favorite moment that I've managed to capture with my camera ever.  And apparently in addition to the fireworks Chris actually bought, he briefly considered sparkler swords which sound like a lot of fun and also the beginning of yet another story that ends with us at the emergency room.  I'm glad he passed on those and decided to stick with only a mildly alarming and mostly immobile display.

I did get ingredients to make a fried chicken feast today which would definitely up the celebratory feel of the day, but since it's four o'clock and I haven't started that yet I'm thinking it's more of a BLT kind of night.  Hey, there's always next year.

How did your celebrations go?  Hopefully more festive?  Tell me someone took their kids to a good old fashioned parade with children riding bikes tied with red, white, and blue streamers and everything :)

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